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Streamline and accelerate identity verification for your business with a single tap using our cost-effective Investigator AI solution.

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Your One-Tap Investigation Platform

SwiftID offers investigative reports at your fingertips with a single tap. Our AI comprehends data, makes informed decisions, and generates ready-to-go reports for swift action.

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No Integration Required

SwiftID eliminates the need for complex integrations by offering a straightforward, standalone solution. Users can initiate the verification process with just one click through our intuitive app interface, making it effortless to implement and use.

No integration required
reduced verification costs

Reduced Verification Costs

With SwiftID, verification costs decrease significantly when users are already verified, providing a cost-effective solution for vendors while minimizing hassle for customers. Simplify the verification process and save both time and money with SwiftID.

AI-Powered Verification

SwiftID ensures utmost safety with its AI-powered verification system, leveraging advanced algorithms to accurately authenticate users while minimizing the risk of fraud. Trust in SwiftID's robust infrastructure for secure and reliable identity verification.

AI-powered verification
earn verification costs

Earn Verification Credits

With SwiftID, every new verification earns you credits that can be used to access additional verification services. It's a rewarding system that incentivizes users to complete verifications and gain access to more services hassle-free.

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Revolutionizing Identity Verification

SwiftID streamlines identity verification processes for seamless and secure transactions. Discover a smarter way to verify identities and build trust.